Hair Removal
Hair Removal

Laser Hair removal with DPC is a safe, reliable and pain-free solution for removing unwanted hair while achieving maximum results in all areas of the face and body.

Half Arms Laser hair removal
Under Arms laser hair removal
Men’s Chest & Abdomen laser hair removal
Men’s Back and Shoulders Laser Hair Removal

Why you should choose hair removal with SharpLight?

* Non-invasive, long term hair reduction
* Clean and pain free treatments
* Safe and effective solution
* Noticeable results after the very 1st treatment
* No downtime
* Treatment all year round



Q. When will I see results?
A. Two weeks following the first treatment
you will begin to see results and significantly less hair will grow back.
Additionally, with each treatment, the amount of hair regrowth will decrease.

Q. How long does each treatment take?
A. The typical regimen is 6-10 treatment sessions,
spaced 4-12 weeks apart.
Treatment time depends on the area being treated.
The average treatment takes approximately 15 minutes.

Q. Why are multiple treatments necessary?
A. About 20-25% of human hair follicles on the body
are in the active growth phase at any given time.
This is the percentage of hair follicles that can be destroyed
in a single treatment session.
ln order to eliminate up to 90% of the hair,
treatments should be repeated until the desired result is achieved.
Q. Are the treatments safe and painless?
A. SharpLight’s DPC treatments are non-invasive and safe.
During the procedure, there may be a slight 1-2 second,
momentary tingling sensation that may be felt, but no pain.
The treatments leave you with zero downtime
so you can get them done between your errands or lunch hour
and quickly return to your daily routine.