Facial Contouring
Facial Contouring

*** It’s time to beautify your skin! ***

Facial contouring using multiple technologies
SharpLight’s treatments enable you to easily
achieve natural-looking facial contouring results


Why should you choose facial contouring SharpLight?

* Visible results from the very first treatment
* Clinically proven, long lasting results
* Non-invasive, fast, pain-free treatment
* No downtime, ‘lunchtime’ procedure
* Safe and effective solution for all patient profiles



Q. What kind of results can I expect?
A. The average session involves 6–12 treatments spaced
over 1-4 weeks intervals. Maintenance treatments may be
required to keep the results.

Q.Is the treatment safe?
A. Clinical trials have confirmed that the VermaDerm and
RF technologies safely and effectively reduce unwanted fat,
without any side effects.

Q. How soon can I return to my daily routine?
A. There is absolutely no downtime with the facial
contouring treatment and you can immediately return
to your daily activities. You can also have the treatment
during your lunchtime break and go back to work with
improved contoured face.

Q. Does the treatment hurt?
A. You will feel your skin warming up, but this is not painful.
Many patients have reported that it feels like a warm