Body Contouring
Body Contouring

Finally a pain-free and comfortable solution to body shaping.
SharpLight’s innovative technology is able to shrink fat cells
while simultaneously sculpting target areas

Why should you choose body contouring with SharpLight?

* Reduced localized fat
* Highly effective with minimal treatments
* Non-invasive and safe with no down time
* Produces slimmer, contoured bodies
* Clinically proven Radio frequency technology
* Effective on all skin types
* Fast and painless treatment
* Body contouring on all your problem areas, especially on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks



Q. How many treatments are required?
A. In many cases, following the very 1st treatment, you will
see immediate improvements. Often the results are visible 4
weeks after your first treatment. In order to achieve optimal
and long-term results, it is recommended to undergo a series
of 8-12 treatments with suggested periodic maintenance.
These results are achieved in a relatively small number of
short, pain-free treatment sessions that require no downtime.

Q. How long do the treatments take and are they safe?
A. Body contouring treatments take approximately 20-60
minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated.
These treatments are non-invasive, safe and are pain-free!
There is no downtime associated with the treatments so you
are able to resume your regular activities.

Q. What does the treatment feel like?
A. Radiofrequency is a completely non-invasive technology
that is painless. During treatment, you will feel your skin warm-up 
without discomfort. Many patients have reported that the
treatment feels like a warm massage.

Q. How quickly will I recover?
A. Immediately. The treatment has no downtime and
you may resume your daily activities right after your treatment.

Q. Are there any side effects?
A. No. You might experience temporary redness in the
treatment area which should pass within several hours.