ACADEMY Trainers

Our Academy has been running for 5 years and has trained over 2000 students. Not only are we a registered, accredited and fully insured academy but we provide only the highest level of education with the best available educators and supplies. Listed below are our trainers and their qualifications. We are a family run and family owned business and we like to keep it that way when it come to our training and educational courses.  We believe that the best way to be trained is at the root of a business by the people who love this business and care about it. Caring not only about the future of our businesses but you as well, since you are a reflection of us.


Elva Loncaric

CEO & Founder of Elva Beauty

  • 7 Years Industry Experience
  • 5 Years Educating Experience
  • 20 Times Certified & Growing

Bryanne Pavlik

CEO & Founder of Sav Lashies

  • 3 Years Industry Experience
  • 1 Year Educational Experience
  • University Graduate
  • 10 Times Certified & Growing