Teeth Whitening & Tooth Gem Training

 Private Training $1500

Private Tooth Gems $1250

Teeth Whitening & Gem Duo Training $2400

1 Day (8-10 Hours)

What you will learn & what’s included..

  • Dental Regulations & Fundamentals
  • Lunch & Snack Provided
  • Full Kits & Lights Included
  • Health Standards & Industry Regulations
  • 10% OFF Student Discount for Online & In store Shopping
  • Access To Online Refresher Courses For Life
  • Model Completion
  • Access To Rejoining a Future Class for Free If Needed
  • Manual & Certificate Upon Completion By Elva Beauty
  • Train With Master Dental Technician Savannah

To set up a free educational consultation with Elva or Alondra please call 289-689-2303. A Non-Refundable deposit is required at the time of registration or proof of financing, along with your full name, phone number and email.

This Class requires you to bring a model, if you need help sourcing one please don’t hesitate to ask.